Jeannines and Cheskys now measure peer and financial cibergrowth

This is an open letter of gratitude to my fellow peers at in San Francisco. They have been wonderful as hosts and extremely inspirational as professionals. They have allowed me to receive an incredible amount of priceless information + inspiration + motivation at #SHARE ’14. They have also created thousands of doubts in my head. And I have reached a couple of silly conclusions that nobody has thought about. One of them is: How do we measure “growth” in Internet?

People in MadridPeers ask me if it is a requisite to be good looking if you want to work in peers San Francisco. LOL. The truth is taht you all look awseome!!

People in MadridPeers ask me if you have to be good looking to work in in San Francisco. LOL. The truth is that you all look awesome!!

This is my first post in English in this blog. I want you, my fellow peers in San Francisco, to really understand how inspirational you are. I would like to communicate how important your role is in this historical Digital Revolution we are living. I would also like to share that you are also having a lot of fun living in the future!!

Apparently, one of the conclusions in SHARE ‘14 was to “keep it simple and real, and you shall catalyse the sharing economy”. Cool, now keeping it simple not only catalyses but also provides you with a shoking fortune of 10 billion dollars in six years, doesn’t it Nathan Blecharczykn? Nevertheless, your inspirational conversational with Natalie Foster generated one doubt in my head. You told us with a seamless savoir etre (and a naturally big smile) that you had generated 10 billion dollars in six years. You also told us that you were moving way on, offering not only accommodation solutions to that gigantic community of peers. You have interconnected a community of people who trust each other because they share similar values and now that is publicly certified. Now the Internet allows you to choose who you want to deal with.

“They are my peers and I trust them. Those are not my peers because our values are different”.

Nathan, along with your airbnb co-founder buddies, you have interconnected a community of 600.000 people around the world who are ready to certify that “yes, that person is trustworthy”. Yes, that person has strong values and will not disappoint you. That person is suddenly worth a value that can be monetised within a community of peers. We are seeing needs being crowdfunded by peers who act as the bank of each other. We are seeing how peers cover their own needs in a different way through own peer-to-peer insurance services. We are witnessing how the industry is changing at the speed of light. Music, press, hotels, airlines, cars, etc. They have all felt the “digital bullet”.

Now Airbnb connects more than half a million people who trust each other, becoming all of them the centre of connection with other communities of different peers who decide to be big or small, dynamic or expectant. It is organic growth. Airbnb has created a community of peers that can really change things when they communicate through the proper channel. They are ready to put some pressure on whoever just to recall that we are all peers and we can act like one if we want to. Now one of our peers represents us all because we trust him/her and we empathise from different parts of the world. Now citizens are starting to count.

Now citizens can really talk. But how loud?

The speed of an object is the magnitude of its velocity (that is, the rate of change of its position). The Italian physicist Galileo Galilei is credited with being the first to measure speed by considering the distance covered and the time it takes. How would have him measured the speed of “almost homeless in San Francisco” to “10 billion dollars man in six years of fun and extra creativity”? Since he didn’t, I suggest to create the Chesky scale of growth for the speed of economic value in a record time. Let us start with Chesky 1 at 10 billion dollars. Every Chesky 1 with a strong community behind is already worth 10 billion dollars (Hey, my community is a Chesky 1!!). The next level is a Chesky 2 (20 billion dollars worth) and so on. The Chesky scale measures the ciberspeed of financial growth without the need to own anything, just relying on communities who share and use trust as a reference.

Those communities of peers now work like a 24/7 interconnected world brain and they have grown from 0 to 10 million different unique experiences in six years. How would you measure that too, mr Galileo? I suggest to use the Jeaninne scale. She and her husband Dennis are my current airbnb guests in VillaJardines and they could not be lovelier. Airbnb has provided me the opportunity to meet someone special who has made her husband Dennis a happy guy for almost 50 years.

With Airbnb I have enjoyed things with strangers that money can’t buy: emotions, happiness, trust and empathy. And they make me feel like a lucky host too!! If we all peers share the same emotions at a ciberspeed of 0 to 10 million in six years, well, that needs to be measured!! It has become a reference. I suggest to use the Jeannine scale to calculate the growth of peers becoming one community. In the Jeannine scale, 1 is 10 million peers. Airbnb starts the Jeaninne scale at 1. Let us see who reaches the next level in the Jeannine scale, with a historic community of 20 million peers ready to trust each other and can act as one. Obama would have reached a level 4 in the Jeannine scale!! No wonder The White House was present in #SHARE ’14. They seem to have understood the rules of this new game.


Jeremiah Owyang opens minds with his knowledge

Would you agree with this crazy idea of the Jeannine and the Chesky scales, Jeremiah Owyang? Yes, I am the one who was looking at you like a weirdo in #SHARE ’14. I am your super ciberfan and wanted to approach to thank you for all the things I have learned, but I am very shy when it comes to meet people like you. I just have this ability to always put my foot in it. Always. Since I remember. Or didn’t I, Natalie and Millicent, when I changed the script in that spectacular flower grande finale? Natalie, can anybody make it worse, in the best conference ever, when not only I give flowers to the wrong girl convinced it was the right one, but also kissed you like a Lady Gaga’s insane fan?). Sorry for that, Ashley. I wished I had the ability to evaporate, believe me. I bet you wished you had the ability to go back ten minutes in time and find a better candidate. Sorry for that. You deserve a rise just for all the hassle we virtually send from MadridPeers to SFO. Ashley Baia is my patient connector in in San Francisco. One day I shall write about Sam (the one who convinced me to join in Madrid and promote it as if it were mine). As if it were (y)ours. And another day I shall be tempted to write about the rest of a team who made me feel at home from minute one. I bet Ashley even has fun with us, but I also bet she can feel in constant dismay with her community in MadridPeers. We are not that many, but we just happen to be all (certified) hiperactives with lots of ideas to spread the sharing economy in Madrid.

And going back to Jamie. Hey, you do not have information. You have knowledge, buddy!!

To end today, a silly message to mr. Twitter. My airbnb guest Jeaninne not only measures the speed we peers grow as a community of people with similar concerns. Jeaninne also cares about the environment. Apparently you are not contributing to her well-being and you do not seem to respect her values very much, but rather the opposite. Just imagine one day Jeaninne decides to tweet against you. Are you ready to run the risk of a butterfly effect?


PS: Psssss, by the way, the experiment with #ilovetrazeo has not worked well in #SHARE ’14. My wishfull thinking head thought that it would be easy to communicate such a lovely solution to the world. Nevertheless, I have witnessed myself how those very important people do not have the time to see a one minute long video. I have understood why Twitter has become so important in the Digital Revolution. Now you can change things in less than one minute or with just 140 characters.

Nevertheless, the #ilovetrazeo experiment finishes on June 9th 2014. In MadridPeers we want to test the butterfly effect of a tweet on a community and we decided that Trazeo was perfect to test in SHARE ’14. Something has not worked. In my idealistic head I still hope something will happen before June 9th. What a month of emotions, Pedro!!



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