Guess who might come for dinner

There is a lot of fuss lately about airbnb. The hotel industry seems to regard the sharing economy as a threat and has provided a real challenge to the newly elected New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio. And they have forced him to feel very unconfortable with his local neighbors too. He is from New York. He is a local. If anybody can understand the sharing economy is him, but I have read that he suddenly has some doubts. The fears he has have been communicated to him by a very selfish industry (a.k.a. this is all mine and I do not want to share anything with you filosophy). Mister de Blasio would love to hear that those uncertainties about the sharing economy do not really exist. It is only called progress and it benefits more people.

Let us have dinner with him. Let us share our views with him in a fun creative way. Let him hear people’s feelings, ideas and projects.  Let us also invite Ana Botella, Madrid’s Mayor. She would probably love to share some food with some of her local neighbours along with the New York authorities. We shall only have fun, so politics is banned from the conversation. Unlike the hotel industry, we shall not get down to low politics. We will just provide positive solutions, and we promise not to create too many fears about the hotel industry. We promise not to insist that our airbnb guests come to this city wanting to enjoy the Madrid experience, which is something the hotel industry cannot provide to all. We are not against the hotel industry. We want to co-exist… but that also means to exist. That’s it. We  simply want to exist.

Next peers dinner is scheduled for December 13th. Formal invitations shall be sent to both Mayors, de Blasio and Botella.

Will they have the guts to attend? Believe me, it would it would be truly lovely to have them both for dinner.

PS: I wonder if back in 1969 mr de Blasio would have ruled againts mixed race marriages. It is pretty much the same thing today. It would be ruling against progress… and common sense.


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21st century life explorer in Madrid, a city that makes sense
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